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What is ‘Reynolds?’

In my humble opinion, there isn’t enough space or a font large enough to state the importance of “Reynolds Coliseum” to not only N.C. State, but to the ACC and college basketball as a whole. So I won’t try.

But just know this: When Reynolds Coliseum was completed in 1949, it was one of the premier arenas in America, certainly along the east coast. It’s seen a litany of presidents, dignitaries, and N.C. State graduates grace its stages. It’s even hosted a circus or two.

Courtesy N.C. State libraries

But its construction, along with the leadership and vision of Everett Case, kicked off an arms race of program building at the local Triangle schools that transformed the old Southern Conference into the ACC, making it the premier basketball conference in America.

Courtesy N.C. State libraries

State played basketball in Reynolds for 50 years, from ’49 to ’99. It was home to two national championship and 10 ACC championship squads. I consider myself lucky to have attended State at a time when I could watch three seasons of State basketball in Reynolds, even if the basketball was merely mediocre at the time.

Courtesy N.C. State libraries

Visit these links for more information on Reynolds, Everett Case and the history of State basketball.

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