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  1. February 10, 2011 2:48 pm

    (Written 1/19/11… Inspired by Art Chansky’s reasoned appeal to the ass-clowns running the UNC-Cheatin’ Hill FB scandal of BMFD…)

    Dr. Woodson,

    Obviously, I write this as a lifelong NC State basketball fan and with the highest degree of confidentiality.

    This must be an extremely difficult situation to deal with, as the losses mount almost daily. What to say for the good of the university in the short run and the long run are tough words to craft.

    If, at the end of this ordeal, we need to find a new basketball coach, that does not necessarily mean a huge step backward for the program, both on the floor and financially. Not if we are traveling a parallel path to plan for such a contingency.

    I, personally, love Sidney Lowe as a man and for what he has meant to our University both as a player, who brought a National Championship to the school, and as a proud and respected leader of the young men he has coached in our program. I do not advocate the dismissal of Coach Lowe in any way, shape, manner or form. I do not believe that ANY coach or player who brought a National Title to NC State should be fired for any reason….. But, if a re-assignment of duties should be required at the end of the current campaign (I’m not saying… I’m just saying, if), there should be a definite and select criteria of candidates considered, rather than the hair-brained scatter-gun approach that was executed the last time we had an opening in this position.

    If we were to make a change, it would divide our alumni and fans because Sidney is so popular in some circles. The only solution is to galvanize our supporters with a hire that trumps the “reassignment” or resignation almost immediately afterward.

    If you would consider, as part of your contingency plans a couple of suggestions… Demand of the new Coach, 1) he refuse to “shy away” from a recruit because the Tar Holes… Uhm, Heels or Duke is already “IN” on them… 2) Shout from the RBC Roof-top that we refuse to take a back seat to UNC or Dook… excuse me, the Blue Devils or ANYONE else for that matter… 3) Proclaim that we have won TWO National Championships in this neighborhood too, damnit AND we will return to that level again within the next 5 years or I will graciously step down without excuse… 4) Well, that’s it… We WILL NOT ACCEPT second-class status to anyone from this day forward!! … Everett Case, Norman Sloan and Jim Valvano refused to take a back seat to ANYONE at NC State at a time when Frank McGuire had an undefeated National Champion, at a time when Vic Bubas took Duke to repeated Final Fours, at a time when Dean Smith was the Gold-Standard of College basketball. Our success doesn’t have to mean the total demise of the other programs, look at the SEC in football… Five straight National Championships by FOUR different schools! While Duke, UNC and others win requisite championships, we should be winning our fair share in every sport! Duke has won FOUR National Titles since we last won an ACC Championship in basketball and for god sakes, we’ve won a National Championship in basketball since we last won an ACC title in football!!! This has got to change…..

    Like many alumni and loyal fans, I am sick over how this mediocrity has tainted the 100-year reputation of a school that has “done it the right way.” Most of the time, that stain cannot be erased without a complete change of command.

    Seeking a break from “big-time basketball” with the handcuffing of Les Robinson and others within the athletic department, the Board of Trustees tried this in 1989, and it turns out that they succeeded beyond everyone’s wildest dreams! They are Trustees, not people who have worked in college athletics (or lived and died with Wolfpack basketball) their entire lives and know the embarrassment and degradation we have had to endure from the bandwagon-jumpers who claim to have supported Dook and Tar Hole-nation their whole lives.

    Thanks for reading this, I reiterate this remain strictly between us.

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    October 26, 2015 4:38 pm


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