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Podcast News and Notes

June 21, 2013

Just a brief note about a couple of things:

This weekend begins my family’s annual week-long beach vacation. I say that not to brag, but to explain why there will not be a podcast this coming Monday, the 24th. It’s a shame because I hope to have coach Elliott Avent back on one more time (at least) to give us a recap of the season and their time at the College World Series and would’ve loved to have done so this Monday. Hopefully we can still have him on at some point in July.

Also of note, particularly to fans of the show with mobile devices, I’ve incorporated a new HTML5 media player into future podcast posts. This should make it easier to stream the show on your mobile device (or your desktop, as well) and allow you to switch to other applications without fear of interrupting the show, as well make it easier to download the show for those who prefer to do so.

You can check it out here (this is Episode 101 with Cameron Bennerman):
[powerpress url=”″%5D

This new player won’t have any impact on those who subscribe to the show via iTunes or other podcasting apps. If you encounter any issues using the player, please let me know. I’ve noticed it takes a second or two to load the audio before playing, so let me know if that is your experience with it as well.

A tanner (or more burnt) version of me will see you at Amedeo’s in two weeks!

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