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R&R Podcast, Episode 71 — UVA Recap, Basketball Begins

November 6, 2012


There's not a lot to take from the Virginia game…except where to go from here. Coach Logan implores the State fanbase to sit pat for the time being. 

Chris Corchiani joins us to "officially" kick off our basketball coverage in segment two, and we breakdown the results of the Belmont Abbey exhibition game while looking ahead to the rest of the season.

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  1. November 6, 2012 5:41 pm

    No offense to coach Logan but history don’t mean squat in sports. Yes, State is historically not a very winning program. And yes, we need to evaluate the candidates available. But no, we will not accept that based on history we stay the course. Valvano dreamed big and achieved big. History never won a game and neither did excuses. To me it’s only a matter of how badly the fans and administration want to win. Do we remain happy with .500 teams or do we demand better? If we were some small school with 4000 students and high school facilities then yes that would be more challenging. However, we are a large university with resources and facilities to match or exceed most other programs. I dare to dream big.

    If we fire TOB, we may get criticized by the media. They did the same when we fired Sendek and look where we are now. I don’t think anyone thinks that we change coaches and immediately start winning 10 games a season. However, if State wants to be better, we must position ourselves so that winning is possible. The current coaching staff cannot recruit and they cannot motivate.

    Love it when you guys have Corch on your show. He gives great analysis. He hit it on the nose with the defense last season. We had terrible perimeter D most of the season and only solved it at the very end. Who will step up this season to help Zo stop dribble penetration and close out on shooters? That’s a serious concern.

    As mentioned, leadership is in short supply this season. Just based on what I’ve seen the past several seasons… Zo, Calvin, and Howell appear to be more introverted. So I don’t know if any of them can step up as the leader when things get tough? It will be interesting to see.

    If we could only get Vandy to step up and contribute a good 15-20 minutes a game I would be so relieved. Our only big weakness is in the middle. If Vandy could grab 8 boards a game, change some shots, get a couple of put-backs, and make passes out of the post that would be so helpful to this team.

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