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R&R Podcast, Episode 70 — UNC Recap, TOB Job Status

October 29, 2012

Welp, we speak with Coach Logan about what transpired during the UNC game and whether or not State fans are justified in wanting a change at head coach because of it.

In the second segment, we touch on basketball as smidge before Derek's Stat of the Week, Austin's Lock of the Week and the Sniff Ratings.

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  1. November 5, 2012 4:22 pm

    This is how I view NC State football…. Historically, we can’t say that we are doing so much worse with TOB. Just like we couldn’t say we were worse off with Amato. Both coaches took us to Bowl games and neither was leading us to National Titles.

    What drives me crazy about TOB is how his teams can come off of a big win against a top 10 team like FSU and then lose inexplicably at the last minute to unc and then to the worst team in the ACC in uva? In my opinion, TOB has to take the blame for those 2 games. How do you not motivate your team as a coach? That’s part of your job. You are the leader and the one that gets paid gobs of money to do exactly that…lead.

    If fans are happy with playing in crappy bowls each season and 6-8 win seasons then why make a change? However, if fans want to compete for the ACC title and play in any bowl worth mention then we do need a change. TOB and staff have proven that they cannot recruit top players. Not even in our own state. If we want to get better, then we need the horses to achieve that goal. So our search should include a coach and staff that can at minimum recruit the top kids in-state and the southeast.

    Just look at what coach Gottfried and staff did in his first season. They locked up 3 top players in the state of NC. In my opinion, you have to win that recruiting war at home.

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