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Football Season Is Here

July 31, 2012

Derek Medlin said it best on last night’s show: “Football season is here.”

And seemingly, it’s here earlier this season. At least it feels that way to me.

Granted, I’ve been much busier during the off-season this year than years prior. The week-to-week ritual of booking guests for the show, recording the show, editing the show, posting the show, etc., has made the months of summer fly by. As strange as it seems, I almost wish we could tack on a few more weeks to talk to folks I’ve been trying to run down all summer long.

All the same, I won’t complain about the season’s arrival. It begins another college sports year, the 35th of my life and hopefully the most satisfying year in a long, long while.

While the Sweet 16 run whet the appetites of State fans for basketball season, we can’t look past the potential this football team possesses. There’s talent at the skill positions, depth along the offensive line and special teamers that are coming into their own. The first game of the year against Tennessee will set the tone for the weeks to come and very likely for the entire season.

A convincing win, with the entire college football universe’s eyes on this team, and the public opinion of State’s squad among national writers/talking heads will jump considerably. Win out against UConn, USA, The Citadel and Miami, and the game against FSU at home on October 6th could be huge—perhaps the key game in the Atlantic Division race.

A loss doesn’t sink the season, but it would feel like an opportunity missed for this team to make a name for themselves. You rarely get a chance to draw eyeballs outside the ACC walls to your program, and you don’t want to leave those folks—who likely hold a less-than-favorable opinion of State’s program to begin with—believing their suspicions of State as an also-ran were right all along.

Right now, I think we’ll win against Tennessee. But that’s probably because I’m a fan operating on raw emotion and excitement rather than reason and research.

At this time of year, on the eve of football season, I’ve got nothing but optimism brimming up until proven otherwise.

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