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R&R Podcast: Episode 46

April 10, 2012

Longtime-and-now-former SID Bruce Winkworth and now of joins us to talk baseball, the 1983 NCAA title game and Russell Wilson in the first segment.

In segment two, we answer your Twitter questions and, well, it turns into your average second segment…controlled chaos.

1:40 – Opening remarks; we welcome on Bruce and give a brief history of his time as an SID at State.
2:50 – Bruce gives us his assessment of State baseball.
5:30 – He discusses the strength of the freshman class at length.
8:00 – If State stumbles down the closing stretch of the season, Bruce explains why.
9:10 – I ask Bruce if he feels like Elliott Avent needs to have a great season to put his stamp on the program.
11:00 – A discussion on how this freshman core gives State a great chance to be great over the next three years.
12:20 – Bruce explains how special Carlos Rodon is as a pitching prospect.
14:00 – Talks about covering the 1983 National Title there in New Mexico.
17:45 – How do great teams from the 70s and 80s stack up against teams of today.
20:00 – I ask Bruce if he wished he’d been in Raleigh for the title in 83.
21:30 – Bruce talks about writing for
22:50 – I ask him about his Cleveland Indians and we talk about the economics of MLB.
27:55 – Bruce talks about the end of the Carter Jordan era as State’s wrestling coach.
29:20 – Bruce’s thoughts on Russell Wilson, his decision to play football and how he may have hurt himself by insisting on playing both sports.
32:20 – Beginning of Segment Two, and Austin gives an update on CJ Leslie’s decision. We talk about the NCAA/NBA draft rules and their goofiness.
37:45 – Some brief Spring Football discussion.
40:40 – Twitter questions from @YieldToFrump, @thedevilwolf, @ACCSports, @Bullard_, @ReevesiXi and @umwolfpack87, plus a bonus comment from @280Characters.

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