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R&R Podcast: The Mario Williams Interview

April 4, 2012

What happens when you learn one of NC State’s recent all-time greats in football is sitting on the other side of the restaurant on a night when you’re recording a podcast? You naturally bust up into his quiet meal and ask if he’d like to be on the show, of course!

Yours truly did just that and asked Mario Williams if he’d join us for a few minutes, and he graciously accepted.

It was a fun interview, light on the hardcore football talk and geared more for fun. The show concludes with the full version of Kooley High’s “Dear Raleigh.”

1:00 – Opening remarks; we talk about his new deal with Buffalo.
2:55 – An update on his health status.
3:40 – He shares his cuisine of choice during his time at NC State.
4:30 – Chuck Amato’s recruitment of Mario to NC State.
5:30 – The frustration of not having both State’s offense and defense performing at a high level in the same season.
7:55 – Mario reveals a surprising choice for the next car he plans to add to his collection.
9:50 – More car talk; four wheelin’ and muddin’ in the backwoods.
10:30 – Mario dispels the myth that it’s all fun and games as a multi-millionaire athlete.
11:50 – “Our offseason is during the season.” Explains how it’s impossible to relax during the offseason.
12:40 – Will we see a “Mario Williams Indoor Practice Facility?”
13:15 – The efforts of Tom O’Brien to bring back former players every spring.
15:00 – I ask him if he ever talks to Bill Cowher at these reunions; manage to drop a “jock sniffing” reference.
16:30 – Show concludes and I let the entire length of “Dear Raleigh” just run for the hell of it.

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