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R&R Podcast: Episode 45

April 3, 2012

We change gears a bit this week and talk baseball with NC State head baseball coach Elliott Avent who stops by in the first segment.

In segment two, Austin, Derek and I talk about CJ Leslie’s pro options and also some spring football.

Updated with timestamps:
1:50 – Avent talks about win #800.
3:15 – Talk about the year so far.
4:45 – Discussion about the strength of this year’s freshman class.
9:20 – The up and down success/struggles of this team’s senior class.
11:15 – The impact the changes to bats has had on State’s recruiting philosophy.
13:15 – Elliott shares his thoughts on Russell Wilson, the NFL draft, and Russell as a player.
16:45 – On the difficulty of following Ray Tanner.
19:00 – The support he’s gotten from former players.
21:30 – How the rest of the season should play out.
23:30 – The importance of fan support.
25:00 – Compares us to Mike & Mike. (God bless you, sir).
27:35 – Second segment begins; Should CJ Leslie go pro?
37:00 – One and done conversation…is it bad? Potential solutions if it is?
45:45 – Spring football discussion; a rundown of the linebacker situation.
49:00 – Discussion of State’s new-look wide receiving corps; smaller, faster.
49:45 – Derek shoots down the Mustafa Greene leaving rumors; drops a “shitfit.”
52:30 – I drop a “ladies” in response to Derek mentioning shoe size. #AwkwardLadyMoments
54:00 – A discussion about how last season our weakness defensively was up front; now it will be in the middle.
55:05 – I ask Derek if TOB feels better about our depth situation.
56:25 – Austin interjects with a Darth Vader quote.
58:45 – Derek suggests Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery call the Spring Game; I drop an “onions.”
59:30 – Show concludes with the most haunting Pink Floyd song I could find.

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