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The R&R Podcast Bracket Challenge Bracket Name Bracket, Round One Results

March 20, 2012

Those that follow me on Twitter are familiar with this already, but in case you don’t, this was the first year I set up a R&R Podcast Bracket Challenge on ESPN. I got a tremendous amount of response–138 brackets, in fact–and a good many of the folks who joined named their brackets in creative and hilarious ways.

At the suggestion of one of my followers, I set up a bracket competition between what I felt like were the 64-best bracket names, and called it the oh-so-brief “R&R Podcast Bracket Challenge Bracket Name Bracket”

Using and with the assistance of Steven from Backing The Pack, the bracket names were seeded, pitted against one another and opened to the Twitterverse for voting.

Following are the results of the first round of voting. There are quite a few upsets, including a 15 over a two in one of the regions!

If you’d like to participate in the second round of voting, you can do so here:

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