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R&R Podcast: Episode 30

December 6, 2011

It was a long week for State basketball. Two tough losses to Indiana and Stanford have put a big dent in the team's hopes of making the NCAA's this season.

We talk with Chris Corchiani about the past week's games and what the Pack can do to improve from here, as well as hand out some Page Ratings in the second segment. 

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  1. December 6, 2011 4:00 pm

    Corchiani made some really good points in the podcast.  We really beat ourselves in the last 2 games. Stanford and Indiana were good but we were a better team.

    I also agree that we do not have that guy right now who says “hey we’re not going to lose this game”. Great point about Hodge. He was the ultimate competitor and it killed him to lose. We really do need that mentality from someone this season.

    Love what Calvin Leslie is bringing this season but I am often SMH when he follows up a great play with a bone-headed turnover. He is totally a Jekyll/Hyde on the court.

    Howell needs to either step up or we need to replace his minutes with DeThay’s. I thought that DeThay was really aggressive on the boards but his lack of game-time minutes showed. I thought coach Gott pulled DeThay a little quickly.

    Until Leslie can get into better game shape we should bring him off the bench instead of starting.

    Painter took less long jumpers in the Stanford game and that is a real positive. We don’t need him shooting 16 shots a game like against Indiana.

    I’m not sure I understand why at the end of the game coach Gott did not set some screens for Lorenzo? In the first half Zo was killing his defender and we totally went away from that at the end of the game. The high post offense does not appear to work without Calvin in the game so when he is out we need to run some high screens for Zo. At the end of a tight game I don’t want the ball in anyone’s hands except Zo. He is still the best decision maker on the team and I trust him to make the play over Calvin and any other player.

    We also need to setup CJ Williams for some open 3’s. I like his ability to hit that shot and we tend to focus too much on Wood for perimeter scoring.

    It’s too early in the season to really have an opinion on Gottfried but if I do not see him clean up the sloppy play by mid-season my opinion will not be a good one.

    I cannot believe that Stanford pulled the fire alarm trick. Man they will do anything to gain an advantage.

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