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R&R Podcast: Episode 29 — Basketball Edition

November 29, 2011

A full episode of basketball goodness. Chris Corchiani and Chucky Brown help us break down the Texas and Elon games, as well as get into a spirited conversation about playing bigger, more meaningful games in Reynolds.

In the second segment, we speak with two members of student government about the Coaches Corner project, and we unveil the Paige Ratings in our third segment.

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  1. November 30, 2011 7:09 am

    I also am unsure where this team stands in comparison to the top programs this season. Indiana, Stanford, and Syracuse should be great gauges for where we are and how much more work we’ll need. I know that we tried to strengthen our schedule by adding last years tourney teams but most of them so far did not appear to be the same teams that made the tourney last season. Texas and Vandy were the best tests thus far but I’m not sure where those 2 teams stand compared to teams like Baylor and Ohio State.

    I saw a couple of Stanford games and they have this outstanding guard that is going to give us fits if we don’t rotate properly. It could be like Texas all over again and we’ll be praying that kid fouls out too. Syracuse seems to have a lot of athleticism and that will test our defense and rebounding.

    If we can make it through the next few weeks and come out with some victories, I will have a lot of confidence in this team to compete for a top spot in the ACC.  Duke and UNC showed recently that they are not dominant teams and that they can be beaten. Ohio State pretty much bitch-slapped Duke and UNLV showed us that UNC doesn’t play defense. The ACC to me is much weaker this season than most people thought before the season started. I feel like we will have at least 10 wins in the ACC and have a “Hell Yeah” type of season. 


    • Anonymous permalink*
      November 30, 2011 8:42 am

      As always, I think you’re right on point Earl. The league is down a bit, so there’s an opportunity for State if they seize it.

  2. December 1, 2011 6:43 am

    Wow that was one ugly way to end a game against Indiana. This was the first real test for the Pack with a full deck and we could not close it out up 7 points in the 2nd half. To have some punk reverse dunk in our home is a travesty.

    I haven’t criticized Gottfried all season but this one really goes on the coach. Howell was playing like he had grease on his hands and concrete on his feet all game so why was he getting so much playtime? And why is Painter taking the most number of shots on the team? He hits one big shot several games ago and he thinks he’s Scott Wood’s twin or something? Painter is so one-dimensional it drives me crazy. You don’t have to jack up a long jumper every time you touch the ball?

    Calvin was really hustling and brought a ton of energy off the bench but man he is turnover prone. CJW just zoned out on D several times and let his man get right to the rim.

    I thought Zo forced things a couple of times but overall did a fair job at PG. We seem to be good in transition and offensive rebounding but horrible at half court offense. We need someone other than Wood to be the outside threat. CJW or DeThay need to step up from the perimeter. If Painter and Howell keep playing so poorly, I want DeThay to get some of their minutes.

    Against bigger and stronger teams we are not going to get all those put-back points. It seemed like we scored about half or more of our points from put-backs. It’s good that this team has become more aggressive and hitting the boards but we can’t rely on put-backs and tip-ins to win games against better teams. We’ve got the transition offense down, we have the dribble penetration, now we need guys to hit open shots and improve their post moves.

    The ACC is such a joke this year, I still think we get 10+ wins in conference. The Stanford and Syracuse games really have me concerned now. We really need one of those games to build our NCAA tourney profile.

    I agree with the podcast that we need to play these types of games in Reynolds. We are not currently filling the seats in the bigger RBC so no need to play there until we can prove that we can win the big games.

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