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R&R Podcast: Episode 27 — Basketball Edition

November 15, 2011

​Chris Corchiani and Ernie Myers join us to break down a solid start to the Gottfried era in the first segment.

I unveil the WILDLY POPULAR* Gottfather Ratings Intro in the second segment, nearly scaring one of the members of the waitstaff. I hope you enjoy it, because this will probably be the only time we use it.

Enjoy! Subscribe!

*Note: Sarcasm

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  1. November 15, 2011 2:40 am

    Great to hear Chris Corchiani becoming more involved with NCSU basketball. Met him many years ago at his pizza place on Avent Ferry and found him friendly and approachable.  Really miss the days of fire and ice. Where is Rodney Monroe on this podcast?

    Would love to see more NCSU greats have a bigger role in the program. Whether through blogs or through other media.

    Great discussion about the first 2 games of 2011-2012. Thought that the team played great in those games. Howell especially made a major adjustment from game 1 to game 2. I thought that he could have better utilized his mass in the first game. He definitely improved that in the 2nd game.

    I see the Calvin absence as a blessing in disguise. It forced the coach to play Howell and Painter more minutes and they proved that with more minutes comes more production. Great confidence builder for our bigs.

    CJ Williams is really coming on under coach Gott. He is showing his senior leadership on the court and making the best of his increased playtime.

    Lorenzo Brown is quickly learning his new position and has a really high upside as he improves during this season.

    I was concerned about Tyler Harris because of his thin frame but this kid showed that he was not intimidated by a college game and really impressed me with his confidence.

    One huge difference I see between coach Gott and Lowe is that our new coach does not appear to play favorites. My biggest criticism of Lowe was his tendency to create a rift with some of his players by favoring certain players. His favorites like Hickson, Leslie, and Harrow seemed to focus more on individual performance rather than the team. I am hoping that Coach Gott can turn Calvin into a team player this season.

    In summary, I really like the product I have seen on the court thus far. I like the unselfishness, the increased intensity on D and the way guys are going after rebounds. Feels like a new culture at State. Can’t wait to see the next game.

    • Anonymous permalink*
      November 15, 2011 9:04 am

      Earl, I agree 1000% with what you’ve said here. It’s a fun time to be a State basketball fan because, at least for this moment in time, things to be headed in a much more positive direction.

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