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R&R Podcast: Episode 20 – Chuck Amato Returns Home To Amedeo’s

September 26, 2011

It's been several long weeks for those of us waiting on his arrival, but Chuck Amato made his first on-site appearance on the podcast at Amedeo's tonight and it was a good one.

We didn't waste any time bringing him on, so he joins us in the first segment to talk about the Cincinnati game and also what to expect during this weekend's Georgia Tech game.

Speaking of Georgia Tech, Winfield Tufts of joins us for his take on the impending game. As you might expect, he's pretty confident about Tech's chances at this point.

The third segment features the oh-so-popular Sniff Ratings, and Amedeo himself, Dick DeAngelis, joins in the fun to admonish us all for our abysmal ratings. Were it not for Dick, there might have been nary a sniff to go around for the entire team after that shameful performance on Thursday.

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