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R&R Podcast – Lunch With Adam And Joe

September 1, 2011

Alright, a few things to address up front:

  • Yes, there is a strange, medieval-themed tune that runs in the background of this show from start to finish. I apparently left a browser open, but minimized, with this game waiting for me to select an option on the main menu screen with the audio on constant loop. That doesn't explain why the audio recording software picked it up, necessarily, but that's what you hear. My sincere apologizes for that.
  • Yes, Joe and I go back to the late 90s and no, I have no earthly idea why I mispronounced his last name. Within minutes, I managed to pilot the show into the trees before it even left the runway.
  • Most importantly, we managed to make it through a podcast on the eve of the Wisconsin/UNLV game without making more than a passing comment about Russell Wilson

That said, I think it's a fantastic and fascinating interview about media bias, media member fandom and other great topics. Have a listen! 

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  1. bmb7 permalink
    September 1, 2011 4:48 pm

    as a state alum and true fan nothing frustrates me more than the whiny bitch fests our fans like to have around not being treated fairly.

    the majority of people who went/go to state know it’s a great school and
    most likely got a got a degree from a professional track program
    unequaled by any other institution, if even offered, within NC. the majority of people who went to other schools in the region know state is a quality institution.

    reality is this: we’re not doing ourselves any favors by consistently trying to make a case for our schools sports programs. ncsu has only been marginally relevant since sports have become so over exposed by the multitude of media outlets.

    so let’s put away the “beat carolina/maryland” shirts and appreciate the fact that we have seemingly solid coaches in our two largest athletic programs. let’s be patient and allow the programs to do the talking for us. if time passes and we’re still mediocre, then we roast.

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