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R&R Podcast: Bonus “Crossover” Episode With “Postmodcast”

August 24, 2011

Podcasting certainly seems to be gaining a lot of momentum lately. Seems a lot of folks are getting into it.

That includes my good friend Kevin Brewer, erstwhile N&O employee and Technician alum, who hosts a periodic podcast with another former N&O employee, Bobby Quesenbery called "Postmodcast."

It's a podcast covering a wide range of topics, mostly centering on the newspaper and entertainment industries. Kevin pitched me the idea to do a "crossover" podcast awhile back–a combo 'cast of sorts. As you'll hear, I interview him in the first segment about perceived bias at the N&O for/against local schools and he takes over in the back half to interview me (father of three) about the animated movie industry. Both segments are equally entertaining, especially if you hate the N&O but love the movie "Cars."


P.S. Speaking of Technician and podcasts, Technician ran a story on the R&R Podcast in today's issue. Give it a read when you get the chance! 

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