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Impromptu R&R Podcast No. 2: The Return Of Owen Good

July 28, 2011

Man, what a busy day was yesterday.

I get done recording with Brian of Tar Heel Fan Blog and who should contact me shortly thereafter but a fueled-up Owen Good ready to spit hot fire on the mic from his Oregon abode about the UNC news. More specifically, he was eager to challenge my notion that State fans should avoid rubbing the news in the faces of their Tar Heel fans.

And you know what? He makes a damn good argument.

If you like NC State–and curse words–then this is the episode for you. Whoever owns the rights to the "F" word will be receiving a hefty royalty check from us soon. Yeah, sure, we meander a bit toward the middle of the podcast as we start to both sober up from our alcohol-induced enthusiasm, but we close strong. Very strong.

In other words: Listen to this episode at work with your speakers cranked to 11…IF YOU DARE.

As always, you can listen to the episode here at R&R:

visit the TalkShoe page that hosts the podcast or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or an RSS feeder using either of the following two links:

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