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R&R Podcast – Michael Felder of In The Bleachers

July 14, 2011

It's been full-on podcasting lately, and this week is no different.

I was able to get Michael Felder of to stop by and discuss some of the woes that have befallen the college football landscape this year. Felder played football at UNC (easy folks…put away the pitchforks…) and has a first-hand perspective on how organizations like the NCAA and large state schools operate in today's college sports world.

And as you might imagine, the events at UNC–including the Michael McAdoo ruling from yesterday–are of special interest to him, and we get into that.

Also, we close proclaiming the virtue of Miller High Life and why it's the only beer you can classify a "champagne" that's also available in 40 oz quantities.

In other words, another must-listen in my opinion.

You can find the podcast in a variety of ways, as always: You can listen here at R&R,

visit the TalkShoe page that hosts the podcast (where you can get caught up on past episodes as well) or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or an RSS feeder using either of the following two links:

(Speaking of iTunes, how freaking cool is this–if you search "riddick" in iTunes, you can find the podcast directly. It almost feels like the podcast is legit!)

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