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It’s Getting All Podcasty Up In Here…

July 7, 2011

I hope your ears are hungry 'cause I've got plenty of ear candy for them this week.

If you haven't already listened to it yet, a bonus episode of the R&R Podcast was posted yesterday (Bonus Episode 1) that addressed Russell Wilson's decision to head to Wisconsin. It was audio Steven and I recorded previously that needed Russell to officially make his decision known before it could be aired. Check it out.

Today, I'm dropping the second bonus episode on you in as many days as I start branching out a bit with my interview with Ryne Hancock, a Memphian (Memphis native) who contributes to Ryne joins me to talk ACC expansion and the Mark Gottfied hire from the perspective of someone outside Tobacco Road. (Let me apologize in advance for some audio quality issues toward the end…I sounded a bit like Keanu trapped in the Matrix.)

As a sneak peak of what's to come, I recorded a second podcast last night set to air on Monday of next week. It'll feature Owen Good of discussing (primarily) EA Sports' NCAA Football 2012 which will be fresh on the shelves, but also the untimely passing of Lorenzo Charles and what he meant to NC State. You won't want to miss that one.

And of course we'll have our regular Friday show on tap tomorrow, so take this opportunity to clear all that Bieber crap off your iPod to make room for everything coming down the pike this week!


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