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The R&R Podcast: Episode 6

June 24, 2011


The sixth installment of the R&R Podcast is up, featuring Austin Johnson. We talked (again) about the ever-developing UNC investigation saga…the latest being the NCAA's formal presentation of the Notice of Allegations this week.

Perhaps the biggest news in this week's show–no candy talk! Sorry sugarphiles!

Some notes about the many varied ways you can find/listen to the podcast:

  • The podcast player to the R&R homepage, at the top-right of the site. Hit play, minimize the site and listen at work.
  • If you rely on iTunes or another RSS podcast feeder to download the shows directly to your audio player, the RSS feed issue has been corrected, so you shouldn't have any further issues getting the latest episode as soon as it goes up. To subscribe (and I humbly beg you to), you can use either this:
     (iTunes subscription link) or this:
     (RSS feed)
  • Visit my podcast page here–there you can find previous episodes and either listen through the player or download them. You can also leave some feedback (please do so) or find means to share the podcast with other folks (please do that, as well);
  • If you just need the MP3, you can download this week's episode file here;
  • And if you follow me on Twitter, I will relentlessly beat you over the head with tweets that link to the latest post on the blog about the podcast.
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