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I, For One, Am Ready To Welcome Our PNC Overlords

June 21, 2011

RBC? PNC? A bank's a bank, right? We can still call it "The Big ATM," can't we? 

"Goodbye, RBC Center" — ACCNow


Expect the RBC Center to change names next year.


Pittsburgh-based PNC Financial Services Group's $3.45 billion acquisition of RBC Bank, announced this morning, includes the naming rights to the Raleigh sports arena that is home to the Carolina Hurricanes and N.C. State University's basketball team.

PNC CEO James E. Rohr said in an interview today that the bank is looking at putting its own name on the arena after the acquisition is completed, which is targeted for next March.

​At the end of the day, I don't think the name change will make a huge difference in the way we State fans perceive or interact with the arena. The seats are still getting redder, the teams aren't changing names and the day-to-day operations won't change.

​There will simply be a new giant corporate logo affixed to the side of the building and some different logos on the letterhead. 

And as for concerns that PNC built and sponsors the ballpark for one of the worst franchises in the history of Major League Baseball? It's a good thing State fans aren't superstitious or they might start to affix blame to PNC for any future woes. 

(This naming rights deal DOES include provisions for a Jimmy V statue out front, right? There's a little matter of an Alvano-Vay Urse-Kay we're in the midst of eradicating…)

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