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In The Ongoing State V Sendek War, The Locals Fire A Return Volley

February 14, 2011

If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, clearly Herb Sendek is the coach who's inspired a thousand editorials.

Last week, I chronicled the exploits of the national media and their barrage of attacks against State.

In response, the local media—who I stated last week know our situation better than the national folks peering in from afar—joined the fray and collectively said, "Now hold on just a second…"

I have to say, of the usual State-bashing news cycles involving Herb Sendek, this one has been the most bizarre. All of it traces back to the State/Carolina game and that infamous graphic—as Joe Ovies referred to it, "Case Zero"—and the amount of keyboard hammerin' devoted to either slamming or defending State fans is really quite remarkable.

The dynamics have changed enough over the last year, I suppose, to make the conditions favorable for such a back-and-forth exchange. Sendek's struggling through his worst season ever as head coach, as is his replacement at State. Both situations have given ammo to both sides of the ledger—those who say Sendek was never that good of a coach, and those who say State got what it deserved in running him off.

I'm optimistic this season will bring a lot of this bickering to an end. I know State fans are ready to move on. But after the last five years, and this most recent media dustup, I'm starting to think the Legend Of Herb Sendek will outlive us all. Including Herb Sendek.

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