Skip to content’s Simulator Predicts West Virginia Over State

December 14, 2010

As always, let me apologize for the sparse posting. One of these days, very soon, there will be some changes to the site that will (hopefully) allow me to do more posting and have more freedom to add richer content to the site. But more on that later…

This post concerns a pretty interesting site,, that simulates sporting events using existing metrics on the opposing teams and some super-secret formula, I’m sure.

Every year they do a College Football Bowl simluation spectacular, where they simulate every bowl game 1,001 times and share their results. They boast a 75% prediction success rate straight-up for every game this year (sorry degenerates), which is pretty good.

The bad news for State this year, though, is they are predicting State to lose their matchup against the Mountaineers 30-23. If their 75% win ratio holds true for the bowl season, we better hope State falls into their 25% window of incorrect picks.

For those bummed by that prediction, take heart in this: the site also offers you, the reader, the ability to run your own simulations where you can tweak some of the parameters. And when I set the offensive playbooks of State at “heavy pass” and WVU as “heavy run” (which seems like a much more accurate description of both teams rather than having their playbooks set at “balanced”), and with the game played at a neutral location with clear weather, State won four out of the five games I simulated.

For what that’s worth.

Oh, and in typo news, seems like State’s not the only team that suffers the sting of unfortunate typos:


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