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Pack Wallops Catamounts 48-7

September 5, 2010

After surrendering an opening-drive score to WCU, State scores 48 unanswered.

If you could read the mind of 57,000 people simultaneously, would you expect to get the same answer from all 57,000? You would have had you polled the collective consciousnesses of the crowd in Carter-Finley (ALLITERATION SCORE:  MAXIMUM) when the Catamounts scored on their opening drive.

You would’ve heard, “Wow, same thing we saw from our defense last year. Great.” (and a bunch of profanity)

But after that opening score, and a couple of other shaky moments here or there in the first quarter, State settled in and dominated Western Carolina over the balance of the game. In fact, State wouldn’t yield another score or even allow the Cats within legitimate field goal range in that timeframe, posting 48 points due largely to Russell Wilson’s four TD passes in the first half.

Now, if you’ll recall I urged you to consider a few things heading into the game and #1 on that list was to not read too much into the game’s outcome. True, State bested their opponent by 41, but I do think there are things that need improvement. State’s offensive line and running backs struggled to generate anything of note on the ground until late in the game when WCU was worn down. The defensive line never really generated any real push up front against an offensive line they should’ve overpowered, and the ease with which WCU ran the ball early is concerning. Josh Czjakowski is adding a bit of hangtime on his kickoffs but they’re still getting fielded at our even in front of the 10-yard-line.

But Russell Wilson took just a series to seemingly return to mid-season form. TJ Graham proved himself to be a real weapon (if you’re keeping score at home, that gives State THREE legit options at WR–Graham, Spencer and Williams). Mustafa Greene shows real promise at RB, and Terrell Manning was flying all over the field. There are good things to take away, as well.

Everyone managed to stay healthy for the most part, but a scary moment in the second half came when Mike Glennon seemingly hyperextended his knee. He sat out the remainder of the game, and while he was up and joking around and the coaches insist it’s just a bruise, I won’t rest easy on it until I hear his knee’s been examined with an MRI.

After all, at State we invent ways to get folks injured for the year after seemingly innocuous injuries. So I’ll wait to hear from the staff later in the week for proof he’s alright before I feel easy on the matter.

So…a good win after a shaky start. Now the real fun starts as State prepares for a good UCF team on the road. The competition definitely spikes from here.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. matt permalink
    September 5, 2010 2:47 pm

    There was a real wolf!

  2. Scott permalink
    September 7, 2010 9:18 am

    a win is a win. we’ll see in short order how good we are in this next game. was nice to get a fairly easy opening game for a change.

  3. Dustin permalink
    September 8, 2010 4:45 pm

    We had just gotten into the stadium when we heard WCU score. I wanted to absolutely cry. You’re right though.. there was a LOT of profanity from a good chunk of those 57,000.

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