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A Smattering Of Football News

August 17, 2010

Getting caught up going through my Google Alerts…here are a couple of stories that caught my eye:

Wolfpack tackle looking forward to better times

– A good read on the turbulent offseason JR Sweezy went through this past year. He sounds contrite in the piece, as well he should given all the negative press he found himself a part of. Hopefully he’s straightened himself out and learned the #1 lesson every BCS college athlete needs to learn: YOU. ARE. DIFFERENT. You are a target. You are held to a higher standard. You cannot live your life like all the other students around you. There are people looking to put you in compromising situations because of who you are and what you do, and even being within 1,000 yards of a bad situation can implicate you and your team in the public eye. Keep low, your head down and stay silent. That’s how you have to conduct your college lives in order to reap the benefits of a free education and the fame that comes with being The BMOC.

Russell Wilson shows no rust heading into the 2010 season.

N.C. State players: No rust on QB Russell Wilson

– Great stuff about how quickly Russell has been able to get back into the fold as State’s QB after a summer spent in the minors. He’s a special, special player, and probably isn’t as appreciated as he should be in the moment because, well, we rarely do (I still marvel at just how superhuman Philip Rivers was as an 18-year-old kid and how I didn’t realize it at the time), and because the aforementioned Rivers isn’t far enough in the rear-view mirror to prevent the natural comparisons between the two. Had Russell come before Philip, or 15 years after, we’d be gushing over the kid with the endless platitudes you would expect for a quarterback of his caliber but because Philip’s shadow is just that overwhelming even seven years after his final season, I think Russell isn’t as highly regarded as he deserves to be.

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