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TBJ: Debbie Yow Reorganizing N.C. State Athletics Department, UPDATE 11:00am

August 3, 2010

Debbie Yow: “Tell ’em I’m coming…and HELL’S COMING WITH ME!”


Debbie Yow hasn’t been on the job long, but she’s already making her presence felt as N.C. State’s athletics director.

“We are doing a reorganization,” Yow said in a phone interview Monday afternoon.

Yow, who took the helm of the Wolfpack athletic department in July, already has promoted department veteran David Horning to executive senior associate AD, making him the clear No. 2 administrator in the department. She also is looking to hire at least one, and possibly two, new senior associate ADs.

I think we all saw this coming once Yow was announced as AD. She’s re-molding the Athletics Department to her liking and that means there will likely be some veteran staffers–perhaps long-time staffers–that will be asked to move on.

This is what we wanted, though. To do away with the “status quo” and create a fresh, new Athletics Department. We’ll learn in the coming weeks who was hired and learn who’s no longer there.

If you were crying out for change (like most of us were), realize that means folks you know or know of may no longer have jobs. Do not bemoan it.

I’m not rooting for anyone to lose their jobs, especially now when work is hard to come by. But the department badly needed a shakeup, and when that happens, good folks get let go. We have to accept that as part of the process.

EDIT: In re-reviewing the article, maybe I missed it the first go ’round or the article was updated, but Yow’s quoted in the next-to-last paragraph as such:

Yow, who previously served as AD at the University of Maryland, says that she doesn’t intend to fire any employees as part of the reorganization and hasn’t heard of any employees that are leaving voluntarily.

Reading that, it sounds like the department is growing in size with the re-assignment of existing staffers into new roles.

My gut reaction is wondering why we’re planning to hire one, maybe two, senior associate ADs (presumably at a hefty, comparable salary relative to the market) if we’re not planning to trim some of the fat. I’m in favor of increased spending within the Athletics Department, but I want the department itself structured to operate as effectively as possible.

If the re-org accomplishes that–meaning the folks that have been shifted into new roles are effective in their new positions and the new associate AD(s) are home-run hires–then I will have no issue with the staff and payroll growing. However, if the folks that were dead weight before are merely collecting a paycheck now after this re-org, then I will look upon this unfavorably.

Also, not to belabor this point, how will those who have been “re-org”ed mesh with those who have been hired into their former positions? Will there be bitterness? In-fighting? I doubt Debbie will stand for it based on her track record, but I have my concerns about a potential cancerous situation developing out of these changes if the spurned are kept around.

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  1. odisn permalink
    August 3, 2010 10:39 am

    I can say that I AM rooting for one SID in particular to be sent packing…lol.

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