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ACC Football Kickoff Underway In Greensboro

July 26, 2010

The ACC football season is just around corner, and that means it’s time for the ACC’s annual media conference to start the media cycle off, the ACC Football Kickoff.

There will be (and already has been numerous news items that will come down the line in the coming two days.

One of the first things to come out was an updated depth chart from Tom O’Brien. If you ask coach, he’ll always be quick to remind you this chart is not set in stone, and it will likely change prior to game one; it merely reflects where things stand at the moment.

With that being said, here it is, courtesy of PackPride:

With the season opener weeks away, NC State has released an updated organizational chart in the 2010 Media Guide that was presented to the media at the 2010 ACC Kickoff.

* Zach Allen is now listed as the starter at right guard.
* Mikel Overgaard is listed as the starter at right tackle.

* Curtis Underwood is listed as the starter at halfback.

* Nate Irving is listed as the starter at middle linebacker.

* David Akinniyi is listed as the starter at defensive end.

* Micheal Lemon is listed as the starter at strongside defensive end.

NOTE: * – Indicates redshirted one season

2010 NC State Organizational Chart
16 Russell Wilson 5-11/201 Jr.*
8 Mike Glennon 6-6/217 So.*
3 Curtis Underwood 5-11/220 Jr.*
24 James Washington 6-0/180 So.
47 Taylor Gentry 6-2/250 Jr.
Wide Receiver
13 Owen Spencer 6-3/185 Sr.
6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180 Jr.
Wide Receiver
5 Jarvis Williams 6-4/219 Sr.*
15 Darrell Davis 6-4/211 Sr.*
Tight End
84 George Bryan 6-5/265 Jr.*
82 Asa Watson 6-4/225 So.
Left Tackle
70 Jake Vermiglio 6-5/325 Sr.
62 Duran Christophe 6-6/287 Fr.*
Left Guard
64 Andrew Wallace 6-5/299 So.*
54 Henry Lawson 6-3/290 Jr.*
53 Camden Wentz 6-3/290 So
67 Wayne Crawford 6-3/303 Jr.*
Right Guard
72 Zach Allen 6-3/314 So.*
68 Denzelle Good 6-6/336 Fr.*
Right Tackle
76 Mikel Overgaard 6-6/280 Jr.*
66 Sam Jones 6-7/321 Fr.*

Special Teams
Place Kicker
36 Josh Czajkowski 5-9/184 Sr.*
36 Carl Ojala 6-2/195 Jr.
38 Jeff Ruiz 6-2/185 Sr.*
Long Snapper
59 Corey Tedder 6-1/212 Sr.*
57 Michael Maurer 5-11/225 Sr.*
38 Jeff Ruiz 6-2/185 Sr.*
Kick Returner
6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180 Jr.
2 Rashard Smith 5-11/176 So.
Punt Returner
6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180 Jr.
2 Rashard Smith 5-11/176 So.

Strongside Defensive End
94 Michael Lemon 6-4/267 Sr.*
11 Audi Augustin 6-2/260 Sr.*
Defensive Tackle
90 Natanu Mageo 6-3/285 Sr.*
91 Markus Kuhn 6-4/303 Jr.*
Defensive Tackle
55 Brian Slay 6-3/290 So.
92 Darryl Cato-Bishop 6-4/281 Fr.*
Defensive End
97 David Akinniyi 6-4/255 Sr.*
99 Jeff Rieskamp 6-3/235 Jr.*
Weakside Linebacker
35 Terrell Manning 6-3/224 So.*
41 Dwayne Maddox 6-2/234 Jr.
Middle Linebacker
56 Nate Irving 6-1/235 Sr.*
7 Sterling Lucas 6-2/238 Jr.
Strongside Linebacker
42 Audie Cole 6-5/239 Jr.*
26 Asante Cureton 5-11/214 Sr.
Boundary Cornerback
2 Rashard Smith 5-11/176 So.
12 Jordan Monk 6-0/184 Jr.
Boundary Safety
27 Earl Wolff 6-0/201 So.*
10 Donald Coleman 6-0/195 Fr.*
Free Safety
30 Brandan Bishop 6-2/210 So.*
29 Dean Haynes 5-11/193 Fr.*
Field Cornerback
20 C.J. Wilson 5-11/179 So.*
39 Gary Grant 6-0/186 So.*

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