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The Wolfpack Family Loses Two Former Greats

July 24, 2010

On Friday, we heard of the passing of Dennis Byrd. Byrd had suffered a massive heart attack during back surgery on July 15 and never regained consciousness. He was 63.

But while the news of Byrd’s death was certainly tragic, it was not all that unexpected given his grave condition.

That was certainly not the case late last night, when word came that Kaye Cowher, wife of Bill Cowher and one half of the Young Twins, passed away from skin cancer at age 54.

The Cowhers had been very tight-lipped about her condition. I, and nearly everyone on the boards offering their condolences, had no idea she was even in poor health. In the story that ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the closing is a request for privacy in the matter and says the family is not offering any details on her passing.

Byrd was the only defensive player to have jeresy retired and State’s first two-time All-America. The former Kaye Young teamed up with her twin sister Faye on the women’s basketball team to lead State to a #3 national ranking and the first ACC Championship in 1978.

Prayers sent for both families.

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