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Ryan Harrow Not Playing In Tonight’s NC Pro Am Action (UPDATED)

July 22, 2010

Fool me once…shame on you.

Fool me twice…um…won’t get fooled again.

So yeah, I went on some incorrect info Tuesday and told you Harrison Barnes would be the only UNC player to play for Team Stackhouse…and, of course, EVERY notable player from UNC played.

I feel more confident this go ’round: Ryan Harrow will not be playing in the anticipated matchup with Duke’s Kyrie Irving, and I have it from a REALLY reliable source–Ryan.

From his Twitter feed:

@HARROW12_ “Sorry to inform everyone but i wont be playing in the pro am. Ty to everyone supported”

So I feel good about running with this info, much to the chagrin of those hoping to see that matchup. If anything changes, which I’ve almost certainly guaranteed will happen by virtue of this post, I’ll let you know.*

*Update: Lorenzo Brown’s passing on playing tonight, as well:

@LoZo_Brown No pro-am tonight

I’ll go ahead and guess CJ Leslie will be a no-show, but I could be (and have been) wrong before.

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