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Harrison Barnes Likely Only Possible UNC Recruit To Play For Team Stackhouse Tonight

July 20, 2010

Harrison Barnes may be the only UNC recruit to play tonight for Team Stackhouse

From all the information I’ve been able to gather, mostly through Twitter, it looks like the anticipated rematch of Team McGladrey against Team Stackhouse might be missing some key players, particularly from Team Stackhouse.

I sent a tweet to Taylor Zarzour prior to his conversation with Inside Carolina’s Greg Barnes regarding tonight’s game, and this was his reply:

@RnR_NCSU said he didn’t think Bullock was but thought Barnes and Marshall would be. Also thought Henson may sit out because of his finger

I had heard from a friend that regularly attends the games that Henson was sitting out the rest of the Pro Am due to this injury.

I was interested in seeing Kendall Marshall face off against Ryan Harrow, especially given Marshall was named a McDonald’s All American while Harrow was passed over, despite most ranking services ranking Harrow the higher-rated prospect. However, it doesn’t look like that will transpire tonight:

DukeHoopBlog tweeted this in response to my inquiry:

Marshall is sick according to his Twitter. RT @TZarzour: @RnR_NCSU said he didn’t think Bullock was but thought Barnes and Marshall would be

So no Bullock. No Marshall. No Henson. It looks like the only player that stands to play for Team Stackhouse tonight of the four top UNC players could be Barnes, and even he has been passing on playing in some of the games of late. And all of this assumes all of State’s players are suiting up, and that might not be the case, either*.

Forgive me, but that takes quite a bit of steam out of the hoped rematch of the epic game last week. While I’d love to see the State guys play at any opportunity, being a father of three living about an hour from Central’s campus requires a substantial matchup like we saw on the 13th to convince me to spend time away from the kids. If you’re in my same shoes, or similar ones, bear this info in mind when deciding to head out to the gym tonight.

Things may change with respect to who plays, and I’ll let you know if they do as soon as possible. The best place to do so is to follow me on Twitter here at @RnR_NCSU.

*UPDATE: Ryan Harrow re-tweeted the following message literally the minute I posted this story:

kindred24 Tryna give the crowd another show tonight at the pro am wit my bros @WOG_CJLeslie @1HARROW2 an @LoZo_Brown

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