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Random Items On A Thursday

July 8, 2010

— Remember that joke from yesterday’s mega-post, about how I left for vacation and no one on the football team got into a serious car accident, unlike last year?

Yeah, well, turns out there WAS a major car accident during my vacation involving State’s football team: Defensive coordinator Mike Archer and his wife narrowly escaped serious injury or worse when an idiot plowed into the back of their car in late June (from WKYT):

Former UK defensive coordinator Mike Archer is one lucky man. So is wife Barb.

That’s because the couple escaped serious injuries after the car they were traveling in was involved in a terrible rear-end collision in late June.

Archer, now the defensive coordinator at North Carolina State, and his wife, were returning to their Carolina home after spending the week in Cincinnati, where son Jeff was married on June 26.

Somewhere on I-64, between Huntington and Charleston, West Va., the Archers were stopped because of road construction. Stuck behind a tractor-trailer truck, Mike noticed an approaching car in his rear view mirror. When he realized the vehicle wasn’t stopping, he instructed his wife to “duck.” He may have saved their lives.

The collision shoved the Archer car into and under the semi, smashing in the roof of their vehicle.

Local emergency workers used the Jaws of Life to free the couple, who were treated at an area hospital for cuts and bruises.

Now before any of you knuckleheads get any bright ideas of tossing me over the ship bow to save the Wolfpack athletics department, a la Jonah and The Whale, it should be noted that this was our seventh family vacation. So if you think about it, horrific football team car crashes have only happened, like, 29% of the time I’m away. No biggie, right? We cool?

— The good folks over at Tomahawk Nation were kind enough to compile a spreadsheet of how every team in the ACC’s defensive drives (i.e. when the opponent is on offense) concluded in 2009. It’s broken down by those that end in a punt, score or turnover, with additional details on points allowed.

State fared the worst in the league defensively by far: the Pack stopped the fewest number of drives (45), forced opponents to punt the fewest number of times (27), allowed the most scores (51), most total points (316.10), most points per drive (3.29) and the 2nd-most points per scoring drive (6.20).

Translation: when our opponents had the ball, they rarely punted, scored often and usually put up touchdowns against us. More distressing: State forced the second-fewest interceptions of any team in the league (6). Wasn’t that the whole driving force behind installing a soft zone in the first place, to generate turnovers with defenders reading the QB?

John McCargo’s switching from defensive tackle to defensive end with the Bills, hoping for a fresh start. His NFL biological clock is ticking.

— WVWolf over at StateFansNation has once again come out of his stat-filled bunker to post another excellent rundown, this time a spreadsheet-laden comprehensive review of how State’s entire athletics department did for the 2009-2010 school calendar year. (Hint: It’s not pretty.)

You can also get current Technician Sports Editor Tyler Everett’s take on the latest Director Cup standings here. (Hint: It’s not pretty, either.)

We’re RICH(er), BEYOTCH!

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