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Julius Hodge retweets about CJ Leslie; posted at PackPride; hilarity ensues

June 23, 2010

CJ Leslie abuses Kyle Singler in open gym -per Julius Hodge (thread from boards)

Ah, the Monkey Board. Where reasonable discourse goes to die. Every school has a “Monkey Board.” Carolina has one (InsideCarolina), Clemson has one (CUTigers). Maryland has one of the best around when it comes to shenanigans. State certainly hasn’t cornered the market on it.

The latest gem from PP, though, is this thread regarding a re-tweet from @Mikemojr by Julius Hodge regarding CJ Leslie:

RT @Mikemojr:U ain’t hear this from me but I just seen @WOG_CJLeslie murder dukes Kyle singler n open gym at Nc state the future looksbright

Now, throw that fresh meat out into a pit full of hungry board monkeys, most of whom have little knowledge of Twitter, “tweets,” “retweeting,” and the 140 character limit, and you can imagine where it took off from there.

From “reddrumfever:”

What language is he speaking?

“hunwolf,” in reply:

It’s called twiterian. All the kids are rolling with it these days.

“ncsupack1” enters the fray, slamming hodge for his grammar (blind to the nature of “retweeting”):

Agree. Hodge, needs to keep his mouth shut. jmo

“Gopack80” throws Kyle Singler under the bus for good measure:

Not surprising…Singler is about as athletic as my left elbow.

Well, I won’t spoil the remaining three or so pages of hilarity. Lots of namecalling, lots of folks calling out people for their Twitter ignorance…I would wager there’s a Herb Sendek reference in there somewhere, as well.

Ah, the Internet…the source of–and cure for–all of life’s problems.

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  1. Alpha Wolf permalink
    June 23, 2010 3:04 pm

    A Pack Pride poster talking about grammar is pretty funny on it’s own, but taking the time to condemn a distinguished alum is pitiful.

  2. newbernwolf permalink
    June 24, 2010 2:10 pm

    I’m 56, and I tweet. There’s a whole other language for Twitter with way different rules from writing a long post such as this one. The most entertaining guy on Twitter and Facebook may be Julius Hodge, but in a couple of years Ryan Harrow is going to give him a run – he just needs a little seasoning.

    I gave up PackPride when I discovered Pack Insider. PackPride is the most viral message board I’ve ever encountered. Pack Insider is the most thoughtful fan based board I’ve come across. I will never go back.

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