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Great Read: Toney Baker Thankful For His Opportunity In Denver

June 17, 2010


Toney Baker can’t stop smiling. The glint in his teeth matches the sunlight reflected off his smooth shaved head.

But he hasn’t always had a reason to grin. Before arriving at Dove Valley as a college free-agent, Baker had a tumultuous history with injuries.

The running back logged only 26 snaps in 2007 at North Carolina State before a knee injury shut him down. In August of 2008 the same injury forced him to endure his second surgery on the same knee and forfeit another football season. Yet he persevered. In 2009 Baker returned to lead the Wolfpack in rushing and earn the ACC’s Brian Piccolo Award recognizing the most courageous player in the conference.

“I’ve always loved the game, but being away from it just brought it to my eyes that I absolutely loved this game,” Baker said. “It just tore me up to not be able to play and compete, so when I get on the field I just play like it’s my last play.”

It’s hard not to root for Toney Baker, with all he’s gone through. I feel real good about his chances of surviving the offseason cuts and landing a roster spot, provided his knee (and the rest of him) stays healthy.

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