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Russell Wilson Drafted In 4th Round Of MLB Draft

June 8, 2010


The Colorado Rockies, with 140th pick in the fourth round of the MLB draft, selected Russell Wilson.

I’m…shocked, quite frankly.

I’m as big a Russell Wilson fan as you’ll find. I’ll remember watching his performance against Miami, in the rain at Carter-Finley, for the rest of my life.

However, I think just about all objective analysts and fans of State baseball would say that Russell’s baseball career has been disappointing.

He batted just .306 this year (4th worst) with only three homers and 12 RBI in 98 plate appearances, and was moved around repeatedly (infield, centerfield, relief pitcher).‘s Austin Johnson tweeted this out shortly after the pick:

From Keith Law chat at ESPN: ‘Asked two area scouts how good Wilson was and I was told, “I don’t know – he never plays” by both of them.’

It’s clear that Wilson was not selected that high based on his performance this season. Why then?

My guess is name recognition and potential. Slice the pie however you like on the percentages of each based on your opinion, but Russell’s a tremendous athlete and a name many folks who follow college sports know from his performances on the football field.

As Austin also correctly pointed out, a lot of GMs have the belief that if player X is this good splitting his time between two sports, just imagine how good he’ll be by focusing entirely on baseball. It doesn’t always work out that way (Andrew Brackman).

But if you’re Russell Wilson, I don’t see any way that you can return to play football next season. A fourth-round pick brings with it some guaranteed money, sure, but more importantly, it means the Rockies will invest heavily in your future from this point forward.

No organization likes to see their draft picks fail to pan out, especially their upper picks. They will give Russell every opportunity to succeed, and that’s an opportunity he can’t pass up, nor beat later in his career.

So with two draft picks, the Colorado Rockies may have drastically altered the upcoming season of ACC football. They drafted Kyle Parker–Clemson’s QB–in the first round with the 26th pick, ensuring the Tigers will rely on an untested freshman. The Pack will now likely begin the Mike Glennon era, and though Glennon is extremely talented, he too is very untested at this point.

Huge, HUGE news for the Pack today.

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