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Video Of The Ramsey/Schaeffer Collision At Home Plate

June 1, 2010

You’ll want to go ahead and watch this before Fox requests it to be removed:

My thoughts on the situation:

It was a bang-bang play. Schaeffer did not have the ball, and though he had set up at the plate to prepare for the throw, the incoming throw was offline and forced him up the line toward third. His left foot straddled the chalk on one of his strides toward the ball, so one could argue he was clearly in the base path.

If I were Elliot Avent, my issue with Ramsey would be he clearly adjusted his path into Schaeffer. Ramsey’s initial path was about two feet outside of the chalk–at the 1:20 mark, you can see about a foot of space between Ramsey’s left foot and the chalk, right by the second “C” in “ACC.” Two strides later, Ramsey steps back into fair territory with a pretty dramatic sidestep. It seems to me–as far away as the two players were from the plate–Ramsey would’ve been better served sidestepping to the right rather than the left, thereby giving him a pretty clear path to home plate. The majority of Schaeffer’s position was set up in fair territory and he would’ve been easily avoided.

Also, Ramsey raises his left forearm up right before impact. It’s unclear to me if he did so to protect himself or to assail Schaeffer. It doesn’t look like he loaded up the forearm and swung it at impact, but it does look like he extends his arm after the contact. It was the contact of Ramsey’s elbow to Schaeffer’s head that caused the concussion, but here I’ll give Ramsey the benefit of the doubt and say he was protecting himself from the impact, albeit in an authoritative way.

Should Ramsey have been ejected? It’s really tough to say. Either side has valid arguments. Schaeffer did not have the ball, and was nearly straddling the chalk. Ramsey, however, seemed intent on initiating contact with Schaeffer, ball or no ball, regardless of his position relative to the plate.

I’ve watched the video several times now and I still don’t know if I can make a definitive call.

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  1. sbas2 permalink
    June 2, 2010 7:40 am

    there is no doubt that Ramsey intentionally ran into Schaeffer. Ramsey as you wrote adjusted his path inorder to make contact with Schaeffer. however, Ramsey did this without malice. one can see how upset Ramsey was with the outcome. its hard to know what a player is thinking during a play like this, but not matter what Ramsey was thinking i would venture that he did not forsee the outcome. the rule is clear though: Section 7.b.a.r. states ‘If the base runner collides flagrantly, the runner shall be declared safe on the obstruction, but will be ejected from the contest’. the run should count as Schaeffer was guilty of obstruction, but Ramsey should have been removed from the game because he could have easily scored without making contact.
    thanks for this video. i was at the game and it was an emotional period for Wolfpack fans. glad Schaeffer seems to be fine.

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