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Pack Falls To FSU In ACC Baseball Title Game

May 30, 2010

State faced FSU today in the ACC baseball title game and came up short 8-3.

I’ll be honest, I was out and about during most of State’s game today, so I don’t have much of a take on it. For a good recap of the action I would direct you to Steven’s recap here and, of course, Tim Peeler’s official story on

As for my feelings on losing yet another ACC title bid (this is Avent’s 4th appearance with zero titles), it’s tough to be overly critical. The Pack had to sweep Duke in the final weekend of the regular season just to make the tournament. While getting Kyle Wilson back into the lineup may have made the Pack a better team than their record suggested, they were certainly no favorite. Add in the bad luck of the rain delay–which essentially robbed Jake Buchanan of a start and forced State to play 24.5 innings in 27 hours–and you could say beating Clemson and VT just to make the title game was an accomplishment.

Now, they don’t hand out title game participation trophies, and it still leaves State without an ACC title in either baseball, football or basketball since ’92, but I can’t be too upset about coming up short on this one.

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