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Smedes York To Head AD Search Committee

May 12, 2010
Hmmm… I thought we were securing the services of a third-party search firm?*

RALEIGH — Former Raleigh Mayor Smedes York will head a 13-member search committee for a new athletics director for N.C. State University, the university announced Wednesday.

Not sure how I feel about this. Just as I have concerns that Bobby Purcell may be too connected to the existing structure of State’s athletic department, I have the same concern about York–former Director of State’s Board Of Trustees and no doubt close to Purcell–being able to evaluate all the potential candidates in an unbiased fashion.

If you’re Purcell, you have to feel good about this improving your chances of landing the job. Again, I have no issue with that, but I want the vetting process to be as transparent, fair, widespread and rigorous as possible.

*UPDATE: Apparently in the press release, it states that the 13-person university committee will, in fact, be relying on an outside search firm to compile a list of viable candidates. The News & Observer piece above built on that release left that factoid out. It’s not an insignificant point, either.

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