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Thoughts On The Spring Game, Russell And More

April 15, 2010
  • This Saturday, at 1:00, State will host their 2nd Annual Kay Yow Spring Game at Carter Finley Stadium. It’s been lightly promoted, per usual from our marketing department, but nevertheless the weather should be great (sunny, mid-80s), so it would be great if we could get a solid showing of Pack fans if for no other reason to raise a ton of money for cancer research. And hey, a football game is liable to break out, too.
  • There was talk this week of Russell Wilson’s return to the football team in the fall. Tom O’Brien went so far as to say, “write it down…he’ll be back.” I suppose there was some speculation that he wouldn’t be back, but frankly I don’t get the sense that Wilson’s performed well enough on the diamond to get drafted. Or at least drafted high enough to make a leap to the MLB worth giving up his final season of football. So I’m not too surprised he’ll be back.
  • Where does that leave Mike Glennon? He’s been performing well in spring practice and has been patiently biding his time these last three years. At what point does he start to wonder when or if he’ll see the field for significant playing time? Wilson could feasibly play two more years–2010 and 2011–leaving Glennon just one season to play. I don’t see Wilson getting drafted this fall, I don’t see him not playing football and if Wilson continues to play football his senior season, I have to wonder if Glennon will consider hanging around for just one season of playing time.
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