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YANCSSB Makes An Appearance At Dr. Saturday

March 29, 2010
Doug Gillett of Dr. Saturday (Yahoo’s college football blog) contacted me last week about contributing to their piece on Tom O’Brien and his relative hot seat-ness. (?)

You can find his full piece here.

Other than a couple of wrong assumptions (namely, that Russell Wilson was pulled during the SC game due to poor performance in favor of Mike Glennon, when in reality O’Brien planned to give Glennon snaps that game regardless), it’s a solid piece.

Here’s my quote. I’d be curious to know your thoughts. Am I off-base?

It’s time to see some tangible, meaningful wins beyond merely beating Carolina every year. If — after three years with Russell Wilson at QB and plenty of time to build depth across the roster — O’Brien can’t muster at least seven wins and a bowl appearance, the drums of war will start beating pretty loudly. There are positions on the field that look good, like quarterback and the offensive line, but others that are still razor thin, like the secondary. And given that defense was what held this team back from reaching its potential last season, another sub-par defensive unit could scuttle 2010 and perhaps O’Brien’s job.

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