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Updated Conference Strength Of Schedule: Sorry VT, You Don’t Belong In

March 14, 2010

I’ve been watching the NCAA Tournament Bracektology show. It’s amusing to me to hear pundits like Doug Gottlieb make arguments in favor of VT based on their 10 conference wins while ignoring the unbalanced (or is it imbalanced?) conference strength of schedule.

As you can see in the above chart, VT has the WORST conference strength of schedule. Gottlieb can’t seem to grasp this fact. He explains away the fact that VT has NO wins of note against teams in the RPI Top 25 and keeps pointing to the 10 conference wins. Wouldn’t you recognize that none of VT’s ACC wins are quality ones?

Sorry VT fans. Y’all are good people, but Seth’s scheduling continually puts y’all in this position. It’s not his fault, necessarily, that his conference schedule ranking this year is so low–that’s out his hands. But by REFUSING to play any quality teams out of conference this year, he provided no insurance against his weak conference slate. And since the conference game rotations are known years in advance, there’s no reason he can’t add a few stronger teams when his conference schedule shapes up to be a weak one.

(If you need an explanation of what the above chart means, go here.)

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