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CJ Leslie: Julius Hodge Has A Message For You (On Twitter)

March 1, 2010
Lest you ever start to think Julius Hodge’s love for N.C. State has waned any in the years following his graduation, he’s put that to rest in the last week or so with some timely tweets.

Regarding incoming stud point guard prospect Ryan Harrow:

I just saw the Ryan Harrow youtube mix…WOOOWWW! Yes very fine days ahead Wolfpack Fans! Forreal I still can’t jump like that!N I’m 6’7!

His latest Tweet crusade? Landing Raleigh’s CJ Leslie at State this spring. The day after his Harrow tweet, he had this to say:

where do “I” have to travel to convince CJ Leslie NC STATE is home?? we gotta get this kid PackNation!

He then followed that up with a flurry of four tweets tonight on what State had that appealed to him (with a nice dig at Matt Doherty thrown in for good measure):

You know what was the deciding point for me to go to State..besides the coaching, warm atmosphere, and Matt Doherty coming in but was being able to start my own LEGACY. I had prestige programs and was offered EVERYTHING! But u can’t buy what I wanted..

Only thing that would have made it icing on da cake is having my family within minutes away(CJ;)and having JP stay his junior year(dammit! )

Get back on board baby.. Believe me you won’t be this loved/appreciated by the “people/fans”anywhr else I promise you that! Am I right?

Jules, I think I speak for Wolfpack Nation when I say this: Whenever you get done banking those Aussie dollars, the Pack has a place for you SOMEWHERE in the organization as a recruiting coordinator. I’m sure Sid would love to put you to work on the recruiting trails.

One final tweet, regarding his daughter:

Today I asked my daughter was she hungry and she replied” when I hungry I eat daddy” HAHAHAHA I couldn’t have said it better myself!! lol!

Like father, like daughter…

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