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Misery Loves Company…

February 25, 2010
So, how bad is it in Tar Heel land? Check out these portions of the opening post on the FSU game thread:

To “Drummy,” first off, good call on reminding everyone right off the bat the Heels won the National Title last year. It’s a valiant effort on your part. However, I’m guessing by the tone of the following phrase, “* PROFANITY OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING VEILED PROFANITY) WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND IS GROUNDS FOR BANNING.
* PLAYER ATTACKS OF ANY KIND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND ARE GROUNDS FOR BANNING,” conjuring happy thoughts of last season isn’t getting the job done at the moment.

Remember…positive posts ONLY. And absolutely […pause…] no meltdowns. After all, the mods are in a banning mood (judging from the all caps) and are just looking to break their backspace key off in someone.

Not trying to pile on, Heels fans, but it’s worth reminding everyone outside of the message board world that yes, even Carolina has message board wackos. Apparently, LOTS of them. And they’ve been very vocal lately. Very, very vocal.

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