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Operation Purge Fowler

February 14, 2010
First off, I’m not going to bother putting together a Carolina postgame post. It’s not worth it. Everything I’d say has already been said 1,000 times before already and I’d just be repeating myself.

This post is a call to arms.

This is to get you, the loyal Wolfpack supporter who cuts a hefty donation check to the Wolfpack Club every year, to do what you can to usher out Lee Fowler from the AD’s office. Now is the time it needs to happen.

Today’s game convinced me that the infusion of Ryan Harrow and Lorenzo Brown will likely not be enough to save Sidney Lowe’s job next season. They can’t improve State’s atrocious defensive numbers, nor can they turn State into a better rebounding team. Until those issues are resolved — and I’ve seen nothing over the last four years to convince me they suddenly will in year five — simply adding Harrow and Brown won’t instantly turn a bottom-feeder into an NCAA-caliber squad.

I so badly want Lowe — a proud alum who loves this university and understands where this program has been and can be — to turn things around and get it done. But if, after five years and with a 5-star backcourt, the Pack still misses the NCAA tournament, the only logical choice is to move in another direction. And with the way Lowe’s hiring went down in ’06, there is NO WAY Lee Fowler should be allowed to conduct it.


Further, State’s Board of Trustees cannot be tasked with hiring an AD concurrently with a basketball coach.

Or a football coach. Let’s not forget that Tom O’Brien (another Fowler hire) has yet to post a winning football record at State after three seasons, also. There’s a chance that, after a disastrous year four, O’Brien could be staring at a justified pink slip, as well.

With that in mind, the time is NOW to replace Fowler with a new AD. A competent one who insists on accountability and results. One who’s not intimidated by the Blue Bellies up the road, nor tells his constituents that daring to compete with them is a pipe dream.

So here’s your call to action: You need to decrease your giving to the lowest level possible. Donate what you can to keep your WPC accounts active and to maintain your LTRs, but no more. Not one cent more. Most importantly, TELL YOUR WPC REP WHY YOU’RE DECREASING YOUR GIVING. Simply pulling the plug on the cash flow may have an impact, but if you make it clear to the WPC WHY you refuse to give more than the minimum, the impact will be much greater.

Do the same for your academic donations. Cease them, and tell whoever will listen why.

The only thing this leadership of this university seems to respond to is money. The big donors seemingly have have the ears of Fowler, the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees. So hit the admins where it hurts…the coffers. When it’s clear that you’re taking your money OUT of their hands when you’d rather gladly put it IN their hands, you’ll get their attention. A few hundred or few thousand donors — no matter your giving level — refusing to give because of displeasure with the AD will make an impact, I promise you.

This is a change that needs to occur now, not next December or February or March. By then it may be too late. By then we may be looking for a new football or basketball coach and faced with the prospect of Lee heading up the search, or a delayed search due to a vacant AD office one year too late. And that’s not something this program can suffer through again.

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