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An Open Letter To Pack Fans From Ryan Harrow

February 14, 2010
This appeared on the PackPride message boards today. I’m still processing how I feel about it–the wisdom of an incoming recruit airing these thoughts publicly. Nevertheless, he wants this put out to the masses for consumption, so might as well share it here, too:

To all my Wolfpack fans, I want to say thank you for all the support and faith that y’all have in Lorenzo and I. We are very excited to be coming to such a highly-regarded school. Lorenzo and I have talked about playing basketball at NC State together and with the rest of the players that will be there for a long time. We are looking to come in and make the team better by the hard work we put in before practice, during practice, and after. We have winner mentalities and hopefully that will rub off on the players that are in a slump this season.

Me personally, I have always been excited about coming to NC State ever since coach Monte Towe and Coach Lowe walked into my high school gym my freshman year. Coach Lowe believed in me when a lot of coaches thought I didn’t have what it takes. Sad on those coaches behalf haha. Now I am what I am and I’m sticking beside Coach Lowe because of the loyalty he showed me. I feel if a person treats you with that much respect and has that much faith, then I must show that same courtesy back.

Myself and Lorenzo are on NC State’s blogs and forums everyday and we look to see all the support you give us, but now a days we see so much negative and it has become really discomforting to my godbrother and I. The things that are said about the fans giving up and not wanting to show the support like I know y’all can. I was at the Duke game. Our fans can get crazy lol. Those statements matter to me. I came to the school at first solely for Coach Lowe but when I come to see games and people are greeting me, saying ” thank you so much for joining us”, it made me realize I love the atmosphere too. These fans can get better. I hate going on the forums reading those things.

Also Lorenzo and I see the statements about coach Lowe and it really makes me think, “what am I getting myself into”. Coach Lowe works hard and is very passionate about the game. He just needs people and players around him like Lorenzo, Luke, C.J., and me to transpire that fire onto the court. Every bad game we cannot criticize coach Lowe. It comes down to the players performing on the court. I know Coach Lowe is going to help my game and make me the best point guard I can be. But it will come in time.

The 2010 class will be a great one, especially adding to the players that’s already at the school. We will get better as the year goes on. But y’all have to remember, even though I think myself and Lorenzo are two of the best guards out there in the nation, we are coming into a new experience so we have to learn a little first. So if we don’t get the results y’all want right away, plz don’t give up on supporting the team and don’t say we need to fire the coach. We are going to be a great team and one of the best teams to come through NC State. It just takes time. I hope Lorenzo and I have not offended anybody and would hope that y’all understand where we are coming from. My family and Lorenzo’s family are Wolfpack until we die now, but we need support and comfort. Thank you and Go STATE!

–Ryan Harrow

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