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Looking back at FSU

January 14, 2010
Jeremy M.
YANCSSB Contributor

Yesterday I posted the keys I thought necessary for the Pack to win:

NC State will win against FSU if…

  • They have 13 or more assists (Actual Value: 11. Brought down by foulapalooza in the final 5 min)
  • They make 14 or more free throws (Actual Value: 29!!. Brought up by foulapalooza in the final 5 min)
  • And force 15 or more turnovers (Actual Value: 14. State did what they needed to here)

What I didn’t see coming for a Pack win…

  • NC State out-rebounded FSU by a large margin 32-25
  • Scott Wood becoming the new local hero (10-15 fg, 7-11 3p, 7 reb, and one game-changing block)

Things State won in spite of…

  • Eighteen turnovers, six by frequent savior Javi. He just hasn’t seemed right since the game he sat for the hamstring.
  • 5-17 shooting from our top three scorers. Scott Wood can’t carry this crew forever!

Give the boys in red a win, but I’m 0-1 for predicting the key needed stats. I was close, but I’ll keep taking L’s here forever if this is how they’ll come.

I’ll take a stab at the Clemson game tomorrow or Friday.

-Jeremy M.

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