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Florida State Recap

January 14, 2010

Just a few notes here:

  • I don’t think we’ll know how big this win was until we get further removed from it, but at the moment it feels like a HUGE one. FSU was #25 at the time, playing well, and State did all the things it needed to to steal one on the road.
  • Scott Wood: Welcome to the world of getting assigned a team’s best lock-down perimeter defender. No way another team lets you get a good look from here on out after that performance. It’s on you to adjust hence forth.
  • I suspect the rest of the ACC season will play out like the last two weeks have…up and down. The good news? The rest of the league–sans Duke–looks beatable. The bad news? The rest of the league can beat State just as easily. We’ll probably see a stretch similar to this, where State drops a winnable one only to shock a team the next time out. The ACC’s basketball slogan should be, “Parity: It’s Not Just A Football THANG!”
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