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Previewing UNC-G

December 31, 2009
Tonight at 6:00 p.m., broadcast on Fox Sports South

NCST 67.9 45.7 63.6 34.2 36.8 11.6 25.2 15.1 14.0 6.6 5.5 16.2
UNCG 61.9 38.5 69.9 31.1 35.9 15.1 20.8 9.4 16.5 6.2 2.5 17.0

Rank and Records NCST UNCG
RPI #67 #196
Strength of Schedule #162 #46
Overall 9-3 2-9
Conference 0-1 1-1
Home 5-1 0-4
Away 1-2 2-4
Top 25 0-0 0-2
RPI Top 50 2-0 0-3

For an in-depth look at UNC-Greensboro’s roster and who to watch for, swing by Backing The Pack for one of Steven’s excellent pregame breakdowns.

This is a potentially dangerous game for the Pack…on the road, on a holiday eve, following a win and preceding a huge game against Florida. A lot of factors that could add up to bad news for State IF they don’t come out prepared and focused. And given that they didn’t exactly put away Winthrop after jumping all over them early, I have to wonder about this team’s focus for 40 minutes.

Still, I expect State to win tonight. This is a team that’s mediocre-to-bad at both ends of the court and should be vulnerable to State’s size up front. If State executes and shows full-game focus, the Pack should be ringing in the new year with a “W.”

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