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Back From The Dead: Winthrop Recap

December 30, 2009

No, I’m not dead. I did not perish in a horrible Christmas-lights stringing accident, nor did I choke on a chunk of 130-year-old re-gifted fruit cake. Work has been, well, work. Need I say more?

In any event, to my loyal readers I apologize, to both of you. I can’t promise I’ll be here any more than I have been of late, but I will try to not leave you wandering through the vast N.C. State sports blog wilderness–cold, naked and hungry–again.

Moving on…

I attended the Winthrop game last night. Following the box scores I’ll share some thoughts:

Stat Game
Winthrop North-carolina-state
Points 52 68
FG Att 63 53
FG Made 20 26
FG Pct 31.7 49.1
FT Att 17 15
FT Made 9 6
FT Pct 52.9 40.0
3pt FG Att 18 21
3pt FG Made 3 10
3pt FG Pct 16.7 47.6
Rebounds 40 42
Off Rebs 14 8
Def Rebs 26 34
Team Rebs 4 3
Assists 9 21
Steals 8 3
Blocks 3 5
Turnovers 7 14
Fouls 17 16

  • I thought the team looked great to start the game, but as we have seen lately, they tend to either lose focus or take their foot off the gas once they build a big lead. That can lead to playing down to a team’s level, which then leads to having a team like a Winthrop sneak up and beat you. Thankfully that wasn’t the case last night, but there were times where I felt the Eagles might make a push.
  • State shot the ball really well at times, especially in the first half. It was great to see Scott Wood knock down three 3s in a row. Boy, if his confidence gets back to where it needs to be, look the hell out. My only beef regarding Scott Wood last night was not seeing him enough in the second half. If he starts a game that hot, he should stay in and keep shooting. He plays well enough on defense to justify his presence on the court even if he cools off a bit. It doesn’t surprise me that Scott sat the bench most of the second half–Sidney’s substitution pattern seems to be that he has no pattern–but I wasn’t thrilled by it. Tough to complain about it after a double-digit win, though.
  • Tracy Smith had a merely average game, which is remarkable given the opponent. It was good to see Richard Howell step up, however, and provide some more scoring and rebounding from the froncourt.
  • Javier Gonzalez continues to grow as a point guard. Julius Mays continues to disappoint. The offensive flow with Javy in the game versus Mays is like night and day. I say let Mays get locked in at the two and spell Javy with Degand at the point, but only sparingly. In my mind, Javy should be playing 30+ minutes a night at the point and spelled only when needed.
  • Just three more tune-ups remain before the ACC season starts in earnest. The Pack faces UNC-G tomorrow night in a New Year’s Eve affair, then Florida and Holy Cross come to town once the new year arrives. I can’t say we know enough about the team now to reasonably predict how they will fare against the league competition, but I have a strong feeling State won’t finish last. An NIT bid should be considered a good finish for a team picked 12th preseason, and is well within reach.
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