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Why I’m Pulling For Duke Tonight

November 25, 2009
Because the legend of Herb Sendek seems to grow each and every year.

Because the stream of Herb Sendek articles about how State screwed up in running him off to the desert of Arizona continue coming four years later.

Because folks from the national media refuse to take the time to look deeper into the history of our program to gain insight as to why we weren’t satisfied with Sendek after 10 years.

So now I’m forced to pull FOR a bitter rival AGAINST a good man who represented this school well. I can’t take another slam piece from Gary Parrish, Gregg Doyel or even a ride-the-fence piece like the one from Caulton Tudor today. The only way for the articles to end is for Arizona State to fall below State in prestige. If Herb loses the national media’s belief that he’s a great coach, then maybe–just maybe–the articles will cease.

For that to happen, they need to get stomped in games like this tonight. And so though I loathe Duke almost as much as I do Carolina, I hate articles like the ones mentioned above more. Because they paint my school, our basketball program and me and you as fans as a joke. And beyond the pangs of bruised pride reading these pieces, there are very real and tangible negative consequences on the recruiting trail that threaten to continue this cycle of suck we seem stuck on.

So go Duke. Go K. Stomp the sh*t out of Herb’s Sun Devils. A loss to ASU would only further these slam pieces and that can’t happen.

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