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Three Reasons Why State WILL Beat Clemson

November 13, 2009
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Call me crazy, but here are three reasons why State will win tomorrow:

1. Kyle Parker will have a bad game: Yeah, he’s good. He’s also a freshman, and though he threw four TDs against FSU last weekend, he managed to only toss one score against two picks against lowly Coastal Carolina. So if you’re a believer in the on-again, off-again theory, tomorrow would fall in the “off-again” portion of the rotation.

2. State’s defense will play inspired football: If I didn’t lose you at the title of the post or during point #1, I’m probably going to lose you here. Yes, I think State’s defense will rise to the occasion and play the kind of defensive football needed to win. What does that mean, specifically? It doesn’t mean State will completely shut down the Tigers, but I think the Pack will generate a turnover or two and slow C.J. Spiller down enough to limit him to a merely awesome 150ish yards. The probable return of Ray Michel to the interior of State’s linebacking corps will bolster State’s defensive attack. The Pack won’t shut out the Tigers, but they’ll build upon holding the Terrapins to 17 offensive points last week to limit the Tigers to 17-24 points. That’ll be good enough to win.

3. Frankly, this is just what happens in the ACC: Clemson has everything to play for; State has virtually nothing to play for. In the ACC, that’s a recipe for an upset if there ever was one. In a noon game, in Raleigh, and despite the fact that everything logically points to Clemson taking care of business, I think this is the perfect game for ACC teams to do what ACC teams do: exactly what you don’t expect.

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